Guest Lecture from Channel 4 News Deputy Editor

Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News

Martin Fewell, Deputy Editor of Channel 4 News, gave a guest lecture this week at Bournemouth University.

Part of the final year BA Multi-media Journalism Professional Perspectives Unit, Fewell led an interactive session entitled ‘The Only Way is Ethics’.
The students discussed what a Journalism Code of Ethics may include, drawing upon real ethical dilemmas faced by Fewell in his long and successful career.
Issues such as truth, accuracy, intrusion into grief and privacy were much discussed, and a vast array of diverse opinions were expressed.
Fewell provided examples of the decisions he himself had taken, and provided insight into the factors which play in the making of such choices at Channel 4 News.
As session drew to a close students were also able to pose their own questions and queries to Fewell.
For the final year students, now only months away from facing such ethical decisions when they join the industry, today’s lecture provided professional insight and thought provoking questions – helping them realise not only the issues within journalism today, but also how they personally they might deal with them in the coming years.

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