Global Traction in the USA

New York is the world’s media capital and it is no surprise that American academic institutions dominate the field of Media Management. Fordham University in New York extended an invitation to me as a Visiting Scholar of Media Management, and as a Santander Universities Network partner the process of engaging with them was relatively straight-forward…. Read more »

Applications to UK universities decline

On Monday morning, UCAS released the latest application data which details the recruitment cycle up to the 15 January deadline for 2018 applicants. The data reveals: Overall 0.9% decline in applications compared to 2016. A 1% decline in applications to UK universities, while applications to Scottish institutions have risen by 1%. There was a 13%… Read more »

Provider participation confirmed for TEF3

On Tuesday it was confirmed that 126 providers have entered year three of TEF. A third of providers are entering TEF for the first time, while all other providers will be hoping to enhance the rating awarded in year two. According to HEFCE “last year over 230 providers gained a full TEF award (Note 1),… Read more »

A snapshot of UK research infrastructures

A new report ‘A snapshot of UK research infrastructures’ was released today by The Royal Society and suggests UK research is at risk if the UK experiences a disorganised Brexit. The report claims that 36% of research infrastructure is dependent on access to EU funding for continued viability, with a further 46% seeing this type… Read more »

Graduate job vacancies decline

The UK Graduate Careers Survey by High Fliers in association with the Times has revealed that the number of 2017 graduate jobs available declined for the first time in five years. Companies hired 19,133 graduates, a fall of 5 per cent on 2016 recruitment. The main reason cited are companies reducing spending due to uncertainty… Read more »

‘Postcode lottery’ in social mobility

On Tuesday The Social Mobility Commission (SMC) released their 2017 “State of the Nation” report. The findings in the report are taken from the Social Mobility Index, which measures the prospects of children from disadvantaged backgrounds success as an adult in each of England’s 324 local authority areas. The index identifies which parts of the… Read more »

Funds now available to support staff mobility

Global staff mobility – including training, teaching, research or networking – brings huge value to BU and our students, whilst offering invaluable personal career experience. We are pleased to announce that staff, both academic and professional support, can apply for funds to support these activities through Erasmus+ and Santander, under the Global Staff Mobility scheme…. Read more »

Performance Growth Improves Over 9 Years Across Regions, EU report reveals

The EU has released its 7th edition of the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) that provides a comparative assessment and maps innovation performance across over 200 regions of Europe.  It also explores tertiary education attainment and research and development expenditure which are function of innovation performance.  The RIS complements the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS), which is an annual benchmark by… Read more »