Global Traction in the USA

New York is the world’s media capital and it is no surprise that American academic institutions dominate the field of Media Management. Fordham University in New York extended an invitation to me as a Visiting Scholar of Media Management, and as a Santander Universities Network partner the process of engaging with them was relatively straight-forward.

My application to the Santander Mobility scheme had 3 primary objectives which fused research, education and professional practice. During my visit to the USA I taught on Fordham’s MSc Media Management programme, had discussions with leading media management scholars and the Editor  of The International Journal on Media Management.  

I also met with the Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group to discuss metrics that used to measure the levels of innovation of firms as well as their the chronic underperformance. I also had another meeting with the Editor of Strategy & Leadership to discuss developing a ‘Masterclass’ paper and how best to encourage Early Career Researchers to write for the journal.

All of this activity aims to develop a number of fusion based outputs and impacts into the near and medium term future. Overall, it was a great trip and many thanks to the Santander Staff Mobility Scheme!

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