CEOWORLD publishes the World’s Best Universities for Graduate Employability

daily-buzz-480CEOWORLD magazine – a leading business publication – has contributed to the plethora of rankings with their World’s Best Universities For Graduate Employability list, highlighting ‘universities that produce graduates most sought-after by employers’.  The ranking is based on three indicators – job placement rate, academic reputation/quality of education, and recruiter feedback – summing up to an overall score of 100%.

The analysis incorporates various sources of information to measure these three indicators i.e. publicly available sources, university website, rigorous independent research, and a detailed survey of some 76,000 individuals.  The results also do not rely on university data submissions.  CEOWORLD states that their survey was ‘completed by 42,000 hiring managers from large global companies, 22,000 senior executives, and 12,000 mid-level managers’ from 52 countries between September and December 2016.  The surveyed companies sampled had ‘more than 2,500 employees and recruited more than 25 graduates a year’.  Participants were asked to ‘rate universities on a scale of 1 “marginal” to 100 “outstanding” or “don’t know”‘.

Listed below is the top 20 of 150

Rank Institution Country Score
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology US 98
2 Harvard University US 97.8
3 Stanford University US 97.7
4 California Institute of Technology US 97.6
5 Yale University US 97.4
6 University of Cambridge UK 97.3
7 Technical University of Munich Germany 97.1
8 University of Tokyo Japan 97
9 University of Oxford UK 96.9
10 Princeton University US 96.7
11 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong 96.6
12 Columbia University US 96.4
13 National University of Singapore Singapore 96.3
14 University of Toronto Canada 96.2
15 Boston University US 96
16 McGill University Canada 95.9
17 University of California, Berkeley US 95.8
18 Imperial College London UK 95.6
19 HEC Paris France 95.3
20 King’s College London UK 95.2


It is clear from the findings that American universities dominated the list, with 9 of the top 20 being US universities.  As for UK universities, only four universities made it into the top 20, with the University of Cambridge in the lead at 6th position, followed by the University of Oxford just making it in the top 10 at 9th. Imperial College London secured the 18th position followed by King’s College London at 20. In total, 10 UK universities were listed, all positioned within the top 100.

European universities featured strongly in the list, with a total of 50 universities from countries such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and a few Scandinavian countries. Germany’s Technical University of Munich scored the highest at position 7, and had 11 universities featured in the entire list.

Seven Chinese universities made it into the list, with Peking University ranked the highest at position 24. The Indian Institute of Science ranked at 33, being the only Indian university featured.

CEOWORLD acknowledged that the list of universities is not all-inclusive, and that there are ‘many other universities that offer excellent programs’ which may not be on the list.


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