“We are not bargaining chips”, EU talent shouts!

daily-buzz-480Thousands of migrants have come together today to voice their dismay over Government’s failure to secure their right to stay in the UK.

Echoing the same sentiment as the nationwide action, a ‘Day Without Immigrants‘, seen across the US  a few days ago, many migrant workers and their supporters are participating in a day of action, One Day Without Ushere in the UK to emphasise and celebrate the huge contribution migrants make to the UK.  Many EU citizens accompanied by Britons were dismayed by the House of Common’s vote against securing EU citizen rights for those living in the UK amidst concerns EU negotiations will leave them ‘stranded in a legal no man’s land‘.

best and brightest silvia

Image: A Russell Group graduate now employed in the UK protests that she is not a bargaining chip. 


The events, organised to coincide with the UN World Day of Social Justice, are taking place all across the UK in an impressive unification against what is perceived to be ‘rising racism and xenophobia‘.  It also flags up the importance of the migrant workforce in the UK, making up ‘4% of the country’s GDP‘. Among the places holding an event is Bournemouth, ‘in support of inclusivity’ and towards ‘solidarity with those who feel victimised by our governments’.

This solidarity for the movement is also captured on social media, under hashtags #1DayWithoutUs and #RightToStay.  The hashtag #BargainingChip is also trending, demonstrating the frustrations of EU citizens being made to feel their rights are compromised because they are seen as an advantageous tool for future negotiations.

Many UK universities are also backing the movement, with a range of them hosting events to draw awareness to the issue.  There have been ongoing concerns in the HE sector that recent hostile and unwelcoming policies impacting overseas students have led to significant drops in the number of applications.  UCAS chief Mary Curnock Cook has called today’s climate a ‘tough recruitment environment for universities‘.


Events held by universities are listed below:

Moray House School of Education drop-in event for staff and students

Bridge of Hope not Wall of Hate – University of Cumbria

CSM Staff – International Lunch Hour

The Chrystal Macmillan Building – drop-in lunch

One day without us – City University London

Sending Messages of Support – University of York

Bath University – Stall, spectacle, and ‘photo mob’

1 Day Without Us: Goldsmiths University

March for Migrants at Reading University

International Cake competition! – The Royal School of Veterinary Studies

Migrants march – Loughborough University

Stall with information, advice and pictures – Oxford Brookes University

Panel Discussion on Migration at Manchester University Students Union

One Day Without Us at BCU: Celebrating the contribution of immigrants in Britain

Essex University – Celebration/music/multicultural fashion/clothes customising/international food

Blog of celebration around the school

International lunches – University of Edinburgh

Day of events celebrating migrants – London LSE

Multicultural event – Nottingham University

Event In Support of 1 Day Without Us – Leeds University








Photos credited to Silvia Gallotti 

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