Academics reveal doubt over the direction of UK Higher Education

DailyBUzz-1024x553Last month, signatories from a range of sectors and industries such as Universities UK, the British Chambers of Commerce, The Royal Society and techUK, published a letter in the Financial Times calling on Government to develop ‘policies that support international collaboration’ through a ‘reformed visa and immigration system that enables all industries, the health service, universities and charities to draw from a global talent pool’.

Today, the publication of the University and College Union survey suggesting that ‘42% of academics – and three-quarters (76%) of non-UK EU academics…were more likely to consider leaving UK higher education’ due to Brexit’s impact on universities made the content of the letter all the more real.

The UCU survey revealed that:

A third (29%) of respondents said they already know of academics leaving the UK, and over two-fifths (44%) said they know of academics who have lost access to research funding as a direct result of the Brexit vote. An overwhelming majority (90%) said they think Brexit will have a negative impact on the UK higher education sector.

The research surveyed some 1,000 academics based in UK higher education institutions asking a series of questions on Brexit, easier access for new providers, the TEF and its links to tuition fees as well as views on the efficiency of proposed metrics.  In all areas, the majority of participants revealed doubts on the direction HE in the UK is heading, with, for example, a majority suggesting the proposed metrics for the TEF will be ineffective.

The Higher Education and Research Bill is making its way through the House of Lords, and today went through the “Committee Stage”, which comes before the Report stage and Third Reading in the House of Lords.



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