Global BU presents – Inaugural International Commencement Ceremony

On 24th September 2015, we welcomed over 500 international students to Bournemouth University in style via our Inaugural International Commencement Ceremony.

So what exactly is a commencement ceremony?

I have been asked this question almost every day since first conceiving this idea. Commencement literally means ‘the beginning of something’-hence a Commencement Ceremony is a celebration of the start of one’s journey, in this case an international student journey – a journey in pursuit of learning and education.

Daring to be different

Higher Education is possibly the only industry in the world that celebrates the departure of its customers (it’s students) through graduation ceremonies -yet not their arrival. At Global BU we are daring to be different. We envisioned a celebration of the arrival of our international students as a greater celebratory reason. Hence the vision for the ceremony.

On the day

On the day-We robed and we gowned. We rose and we processed. 21 dignitaries including Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Dorset, Angus Campbell, the Mayor of Bournemouth, Cllr John Adams and the Mayor of Poole, Cllr Ann Stribley, joined us in their ceremonial gowns and regalia to help visualise the image of what it would be like when the students graduate.

Dignitaries 1

Dignitaries entering the Ceremony

We welcomed and wished the next generation of #GlobalTalent that will shape our regions and our nations all the best for their commencement with us.


The Global BU calendar

It was an eventful day in Global BU’s calendar. A calendar that is populated with many such forthcoming engagements with our staff, students and society as we introduce ourselves formally later this week! Watch this space.


In the meantime catch a glimpse of our International Commencement Ceremony here. You can also watch our BaglobalU film here.


Dr Sonal Minocha


Students arriving at Heathrow


Enjoying the International Commencement Ceremony


Some quotes from our students who were asked ‘Why BU?’

“The course for forensic anthropology is top notch. You get lots of hands on experience”  Sonia (Finland)

 “I heard that the media school here was really good” Gopika from Bangalore, India

“I heard Bournemouth has the most beautiful beach in England” William from China

“I chose this uni because of the links to industry” Yudo Chen from Taiwan

“People seem gentle & polite here. There are a lot of activities in the local community.” Shao-Yi from Taiwan


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