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Image of stat.X.tension

Image of stat.X.tension

The ‘stat.x.tension’ has been designed to aid the rehabilitation of a stroke sufferer’s hand and fingers if they have experienced hemiparesis or weakness of the upper limbs.

Simply, the product pulls and holds open the user’s hand and fingers, which naturally want to close due to miscommunication between the brain and the hand, fingers, muscles etc. This allows the user to effectively use their hand again for day-to-day tasks and activities.

The ‘stat.X.tension’ fits onto the users hand and arm by inserting the hand into what is effectively a glove and secured around the wrist in 2 positions using the Velcro straps, all of which can be done single handedly by the user themselves.

There is a rigid plastic support that runs along the top of the wrist and onto the back of the hand holding the hand and wrist at the ideal angle for rehabilitation.

The silicone tension cords attach individually to the fingers and run through to the adjustment dial.

The dial can then be turned and locked into position using the press pin to adjust the tension that runs through the bands and therefore pulling and holding the hand open. This allows the user to add the tension that feels right for them but also allows progression and development by challenging themselves to an increased tension.

With increased use and repetition it gradually regains the strength in the muscles and also retrains the connection between the thought process of movement in the brain and the actual movement of the muscles within the fingers and hand.

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