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Victoria-May-Sun Aware

The purpose of Sun Aware is to alert children and playground staff when UV from the sun is at dangerous levels and tell them what actions they should be taking to protect themselves against UV in the form of symbols highlighted by super-bright LED bulbs.

Getting badly sun burnt as a child doubles the chances of skin cancer later in life and it is important that children are well educated about the dangers of the sun from an early age, as over half of your lifetime’s sun exposure is encountered in your childhood years.

My research from primary school staff and teachers has confirmed that there is an issue in schools with sun safety, as there is currently no set method of teaching about it or telling whether it is safe to play outside or not. The British Skin Foundation has recently carried out an online petition to get the issue of sun safety in schools raised in the House of Commons in order to determine a way of the issue being brought up in all schools across the country as part of the curriculum.

Sun Aware is a product that will help children learn from a young age how to protect themselves from sun damage. It is a fun and colourful-looking product that would enhance any playground, and through small group activities and its interaction board children will see learning about sun protection as something fun, and will grow up to be responsible in the sun as adults.

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