Tom Runagall – Jumper

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Image of Tom Runagall

Tom Runagall

Image of Jumper

Image of Jumper

A lineout takes place in a game of rugby as a method of restarting play after the ball has been put into touch. Up to eight players from the forwards line up in two parallel lines perpendicular to the side line, with a space of approximately one metre between them. The ball is then thrown down the centre of the two lines for either team to jump and retrieve it.

The team throwing the ball has the advantage of knowing the precise destination of where the ball will be aimed. They would have practiced different set plays and calls in training and have different areas of the line of where the line-out jumper would be lifted, and the thrower would aim.

To be successful and get possession of the ball, the thrower must have good timing and accuracy, and it is important that the throws are consistent. The line-out jumper will also be advantaged if he meets the ball at the peak of his flight, where he is at maximum elevation.

The ‘JUMPER’ is an innovative rugby training aid that allows the user to practice different variations and scenarios of a rugby line out throw – without the need for a coach or assistant. The target mimics the movement of the line-out jumper by sliding up and down as the ball is thrown to encourage good timing, speed and trajectory. It is completely height adjustable allowing use for all ages. The ‘JUMPER’ can be easily wheeled and stored in or outside.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Bournemouth University. It has taught me many new skills and knowledge that i look forward to applying in a future career.

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