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Image of Juliet Garden

Juliet Garden

The Juliet Garden is a product which enables people living in an urban environment to grow consumable produce within their own homes easily and without the need to take up unnecessary space or require a garden or allotment.

The Juliet Garden was designed in response to high demand for allotments and the increase in popularity of gardening around the UK, in particular the increase in the number of people growing consumable produce. The Juliet Garden is designed around the user in order to enhance the user experience while still providing maximum produce output.

The Juliet Garden and the features incorporated into the design are in response to discussions and meetings with gardening experts, garden centre staff, allotment gardeners, and people living within urban environments via product testing, surveys and extensive research.

In response to user input the Juliet Balcony has three tiered trough sections, each with their own water reservoir and irrigation wick in order to enhance growth of produce by allowing correct water flow to the produce and minimising work for the user.

The product also includes annotation pegs to track the location and name of produce along with a roll-out mess mat which has been incorporated for users to stand on while carrying out maintenance, thereby preventing waste on the floor.

The Juliet Garden has proven to be a suitable product for a wide range of people to achieve growth of various herbs and salads within an urban environment while also catering to user requirements. Aesthetics enhanced by organic forms and user input have been balanced with functionality to provide a product that best suits the surroundings, users and manufacturers.

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