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Image of Thomas Fudge

Thomas Fudge

Image of Lapsus

Image of Lapsus

Image of Lapsus

Film production is becoming increasingly popular, and users are looking to create more professional looking films. Lapsus is a camera dolly designed to allow indie filmmakers, hobbyists and students easy usability and portability for a variety of filming methods.

The Lapsus features a 3/8 and 1/4 inch spring-loaded main mounting point, which can fit a variety of cameras and various head mounts. It also features two 1/4 inch mounting points for sound and lighting equipment to create professional quality films.

Its great portability allows the user to create films in a variety of locations with a quick setup allowing the user to move the dolly around for different angled shots. The Lapsus features quick release wheels, which can allow you to change the wheels. With the added extra rail kit, it allows the dolly to also be used on rails and ladders to produce smooth shoots no matter what terrain the user is using the dolly on. . Using its quick release feature to adjust the axle width allows the dolly to be fitted to various ladders and support a variety of telephoto camera lenses.

The dolly comes with a monopod, which allows the user to increase the height of the camera when filming. The monopod can also be quickly clipped into the monopod at various points and be used as a handle allowing the user to get better movement of the dolly.

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