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Image of Thomas Kirkland

Thomas Kirkland

Image of Limelight

Image of Limelight

Every year in the UK 19,000 cyclists are injured, with ‘failing to look properly’ being the most commonly recorded factor. Almost two-thirds of fatal or seriously injured cyclists were involved in collisions at or near a road junction, with T junctions being the most commonly involved.

With cycling continuing to grow in popularity in both the commuter and leisure markets, it is not untypical to find cyclists riding in low light conditions all year round.

This spurred the idea to create a new innovative form of bicycle light which makes the cyclist more visible to drivers, especially at junctions.
LimeLight does this by shifting the emphasis to illuminating the rider. This is done by casting a green light on the cyclist between hip and shoulder height, illuminating the user’s upper body without becoming a distraction.

Limelight also projects a brighter amber light either side of the bicycle. This is to increase the user’s side-on visibility and ensures the user can be seen from a considerable distance by other motorists.

Limelight easily mounts on to a variety of bicycle frames with the use of a flexible strap which wraps around the top tube and latches to the other side of the product. This feature ensures peace of mind, as Limelight can easily be removed from the bicycle without the need for tools.

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