Theodore Hammer – G-Shot Compact Camera Stabilizer

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Image of Intelligent Irrigation Controller

Image of Intelligent Irrigation Controller

A common style of filming someone at a skate park or in street riding/skating is to follow the subject as they do a sequence of tricks keeping the camera low to the ground.

The problem arrives when trying to get a nice smooth shot with small cameras, such as the GoPro action camera, as they are so lightweight that the slightest bit of vibration completely ruins the shot. The cameras are very sensitive to movement so bikes, skates and skateboards are used to avoid excessive camera shake when filming. That still leaves the hand directly controlling the camera, which with a lightweight camera still produces a lot of shake especially when it comes to stopping or controlling the bike/skateboard.

The stabilizers currently on the market are typically designed for larger heavier cameras such as DSLRs and more professional cameras. G-shot is specifically designed for small lightweight cameras to allow the user to capture professional quality footage without the need to use unnecessarily large equipment.

It features a gimbal to isolate the shake from the handle and the camera to create a fluid shot, and by using small weights at the end of a pole the camera is kept balanced in an upright position even when the camera is vigorously shaken.

The G-Shot is made entirely of aluminium and has a soft handle that fits comfortably in the hand. It allows the user to have keep their hand in the comfiest position whilst still keeping the camera steady.

This lightweight stabilizer will allow people to capture professional footage, for an affordable price.

Image of G-Shot

Image of G-Shot

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