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Natural Spine Strap System

Natural Spine Strap System

Natural Spine Strap System

Golf is played by over 61 million people across the world with over four million of them here in the UK.

The ‘NS3’ (Natural Spine Strap System) is a product that makes carrying a golf bag easier and more comfortable. Golfers put their bodies through a lot of stress during the golf swing and carrying a golf bag incorrectly increases the likelihood of injury. NS3 disperses the weight evenly across both shoulders and straight through the spine, while the shape of the product encourages a ‘natural’ position in the spine as well.

Putting the NS3 on is a single movement, hooking the left shoulder pad around the neck and placing both shoulder pads comfortably on the shoulders. These pads move independently to increase comfort. The lumbar support is adjustable with a latch system and can be altered in 5mm increments.

With interchangeable shoulder pads the user able to colour match these to their bags or even the outfit they are wearing!

NS3 can attach to all golf bags via its adapters. Simply attach the adapter to a bag with the webbing and ladder lock buckles and then attach to the main body. This method of adjustment also means users are able to raise and lower the position of the bag on the back, increasing comfort and reducing postural sway.

For storage purposes the shoulder frame folds down and sits around the bag, reducing the overall size so the user can still put multiple bags in their boot and allowing players to place clubs into lockers.

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