Stephen Edward Wood – Food Storage Garden Table

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Image of Stephen Wood

Stephen Wood

Image of Food Storage Garden Table

Image of Food Storage Garden Table

Image of Food Storage Garden Table

The Food Storage Garden Table is aimed at parents with children at any age. It is a mass-produced product which would be sold in the UK. The table storage compartments included will help store the food inside to keep it insulated and clean.

Food such as chicken and pasta can go off in outdoor conditions, but the garden table helps keep the hot food hot and the cold food cold. Insects can be a nuisance outside, which is why the table helps keep the food protected.

The main driving force behind the making of the garden table is to encourage social interaction. Social interaction is vital to make sure families stay together but due to the rise in technologies such as social media and video games, children have less time available to talk to their parents. Video games are depicting more violence and this is a social issue that potentially poses a significant problem.

The arms attached to the Lazy Susan in the middle of the table help start the conversation. On the ends of the arms are the insulated bowls inside which the food is stored. Each person takes it in turns to help themselves to the bowls and to help others. It is a team effort that requires communication which will ‘bring the family together’.

The blocks supporting the table are comparable with ‘Lego bricks’ or ‘cube toy blocks’. The blocks are stacked up together and its simplicity makes it look like a child could have made it. The plates and the cutlery are situated on top of the table glass from which everyone eats. The maximum number of people that can sit around it is eight.

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