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Image of Simon Ratcliffe

Simon Ratcliffe

Image of Intelligent Irrigation Controller

With an increasing pressure to reduce the impact we have on the environment, people are being urged to look at ways to reduce water consumption within the home.
At present most home irrigation systems are scheduled to run on timers completely irrespective of the condition of the soil. Often lawns are watered after or during rainfall when the soil is already wet.

This unnecessary irrigation not only wastes water, but can also be detrimental to the health of the grass. In warmer climates people often feel inclined to set their irrigation systems to run during the peak hours of the day when the outside temperature is at is highest.

While this may seem like the best time as the ground is at its driest, it is actually the least environmentally friendly time to irrigate as up to 25% of the water can be lost to evaporation.

My design will monitor the soil moisture level at the root of the grass via a sensor and the outside temperature via a sensor on the top. The user will then be able to set moisture level thresholds, temperature level thresholds, irrigation cycle times, and hours between which to attempt irrigation via a control panel.

Once set up the controller hopes to reduce the amount of water used in irrigation by activating the system only at appropriate times and when necessary to keep the users lawn in optimum condition while saving them water and money.

Intelligent Irrigation Render

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