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Scott Simmonds




With energy prices on the rise and the cost of living increasing people are more conscious than ever on how much they spend on their utility bills.

Moni monitors gas usage using a sensor fitted to the front of the user’s gas meter. This usage information is then transmitted over a wireless data link to a display hub.

This usage information is displayed in real time in cubic meters per hour or pounds per hour.

Sensing is carried out using a visible red light laser sensor fitted to a removal bracket on the front of the users existing gas meter, or by utilising the pulsed output function built into to many modern gas meters. Both the laser and the pulsed output allow Moni to count how many units of gas are used displaying this information to the user.

The wireless data link will transmit data over 30 meters allowing the user to position the display hub anywhere in the home.

Moni’s display hub has a removable front facia panel allowing the user to choose and change the colour to suit their home. These facia panels come in a variety of colour options.

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