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TidalSqueeze allows rental stores to quickly and safely dry their wetsuits, helping them to prolong their life and reduce the time between rentals. Once used, wetsuits must be rinsed and dried thoroughly or the material will begin to grow fungi, start smelling and eventually begin to rot.

The materials that they are made of and the adhesives that hold the seams together restrict how the suit can be dried. Manufactures advice to never dry the suits using any sort of tumble drier, applied heat, hanging in direct sunlight or ironing and because of this they are notoriously hard to dry.

Hanging the suit in a shaded, breezy area is seen as the most efficient way to safely dry them but this can take from 3-6 hours on a warm summer’s day and up to two days in the winter. TidalSqueeze uses two foam coated rollers to safely wring out the moisture from the suit and rapidly reduce the time it takes to dry.

The EVA foam coating of the rollers protects the wetsuit by absorbing the zip and keeping it from being forced through the material. A tension spring allows the user to adjust the pressure between the rollers so that the maximum amount of water is removed from the wetsuit.

TidalSqueeze is made from specifically selected set of materials so that it can be used indoors or out and survive in the marine environment.

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