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Image of EEKO: Portable Bio-Ethanol Campfire


Fire is the founding agent in establishing man’s first communities. It has a ‘gravitational pull’; the ability to bring us together, to connect, to socialise and enjoy the company of others. Through psychological research, it was found that the factors behind fire’s power to enchant and create curiosity were the unpredictability in the movement of the flames, the warmth, light and smell.

Inspired by nature, EEKO uses a bio-ethanol burner to provide the user with the benefits of a traditional campfire: warmth, light, a visually entertaining focal point, and a psychological sense of security, in a safe, hassle-free and environmentally friendly way. Scented oils, evaporated by the bright dancing yellow flame, imitate the aromas of a natural log fire. EEKO is not intended to utilise fire as a tool for cooking, but instead, for its rich socio-psychological qualities.

The idea for a ‘portable eco-campfire’ stemmed from a love of the great outdoors, and a realisation of the importance of fire in developing social characteristics in human nature. Research into the social aspects of a campfire revealed that fire actually provides great social benefits, and a template that many powerful online social networks are based on today.

The name EEKO, was born from the Navajo Indian word ‘ko’, which is the translation of ‘fire’, and the environmentally friendly nature of the bio-ethanol burner. Inspiration for the form of the product largely came from the structures built by Native American Indians.

The use of controlled fire dates back over 750,000 years. Despite this historic connection between man and fire, in modern society, building fires is a dying art. EEKO aims to bring fire back into our lives, as a social node, while tackling the environmental implications and physical effort involved with poorly managed, make-shift campfires.


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