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Stay Clean, Stay Green

Stay Clean, Stay Green© tackles the excessive amounts of plastic used to create shower product bottles. Plastic pouches do the same job using minimal raw materials. Automatic dispensers benefit us by regulating the liquids dispensed per use. This system combines both, saving customers money and limiting the amount of plastic households use.

Stay Clean, Stay Green© tackles two issues that each and every household faces on a daily basis, with both of them regarding the problem of excess. Shower product bottles, such as shampoos and conditioners, contain large amounts of plastic. Plastic pouches have been produced so as to combat this and can have anywhere up to 75% less plastic material going in to produce them. This makes them the preferable option for those trying to cut down their carbon footprint.

Non-touch automatic dispensers are becoming commonplace in bathrooms nowadays, with their advantage of being more hygienic for the users. However, in terms of the environmental impact, they have another hidden benefit: they regulate the amount of liquids dispensed per use, meaning that it is almost impossible for the user to get an excessive amount in one go, preventing any wastage.

What this project does, by combining these reduced-plastic pouches with the use of an automatic dispenser, is to significantly decrease each and every household’s environmental impact. Immediately, the amount of plastic consumed per household is reduced considerably, with the plastic in the dispenser itself being offset very soon into the life cycle of the whole system. Secondly, by regulating the amount dispensed each time, it ensures the consumers get the most number of uses out of each pouch, increasing the time between purchases.

Overall, this system will save consumers money as well as meaning that their carbon footprint will be approximately half of what it is currently with existing plastic bottles.

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