Rowan Josh Raines – Velox – Warmth Within (Portable Baby Bottle Warmer)

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Image of Rowan Josh Raines

Rowan Josh Raines

Image of  Velox - Warmth Within (Portable Baby Bottle Warmer)

Velox – Warmth Within

Velox ‘Warmth Within’ is an intuitive portable solution for warming formula milk, on demand, multiple times during a day.

When without domestic amenities, finding a suitable way to warm your baby’s formula milk can be an immense struggle. Company policies in place often mean cafes/restaurants are unable to warm the milk – Warmth Within eliminates the worry from any parent’s mind by providing comforting warm milk for a young baby whenever required.

The idea came about from talking to parents of newly born babies about day-to-day problems encountered when looking after young babies, especially when away from the home. Understanding the needs and desires from discussions held with a number of parents and child carers allowed me to go on to develop the idea of heating formula milk on demand a number of times during the day.

It is important to design a product with ergonomics in mind. The form and aesthetics have been used to make the product intuitive for the user as well as compact for easy transportation. Combining these features with the correct technical elements for function has resulted in the final product.

The time I spent at Hi-Technology Design during my placement year advanced my understanding of design for manufacture and in particular injection moulding manufacturing requirements. Working with skilled designers and engineers provided me with in-depth knowledge which has been an enormous benefit for my final year project.


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