Ricardo Oliveri – VI Exercise Toy

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Image of Ricardo Oliveri

Ricardo Oliveri

Image of The Exercise Toy

Image of The Exercise Toy

Image of The Exercise Toy

The Exercise Toy facilitates physical exercise and makes the activity of movement more enjoyable and easier for blind and visually impaired (VI) children.

The product removes the focus from hand-eye co-ordinated games and activity and allows blind and VI children to undertake physical activity without limitation or disadvantage. It promotes healthier lifestyles for blind and VI children who are more likely to suffer from obesity and consequent obesity related illnesses than their sighted counterparts, as well as building confidence while ensuring inclusion, comfort and safety during physical activities.

The level of inclusion both in specialist blind and VI schools (as well as in mainstream mixed education, which 70% of blind and VI children attend) can be significantly improved through the use of this product. It is well suited to the school environment as minimal supervision is required and the need for adapted games or issues with disparities in ability are reduced and nullified.

The product is also suited for home use where it can be placed indoors or outdoors, with options to fill the base with water to boost the stability of the unit.

The Exercise Toy encourages full body movement and exercise through the rotating body, and the range of target locations keeps the user reaching and stretching. The product also incorporates a musical element, both as a means of supplying important audible feedback, further engaging the user but also as an entertainment and educational tool; producing a range of sounds from percussive to melodic and housing a full scale of notes.

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