Rhys Bennett – Formula Vee Manual Transmission Sequential Shifting Mechanism

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Formula Vee is an international single-seat motor racing series. One commonality between all of the international race series regulations is that they specify that a manual transmission of standard VW design must be used by each car; however, there is no restriction about the actual method in which each gear is selected.

The Formula Vee Manual Transmission Sequential Shifting Mechanism is intended to maximise on the efficiency of gear changes during a race, resultantly improving the performance of a Formula Vee race car that has the equipment installed by introducing an electronically controlled sequential gear selection mechanism that fits directly on to where the existing manual gear shifting mechanism is located.

This product is driven by a single motor, meaning that maintenance costs and complexity are minimised. The operation of the mechanism is via an electronic interface with the driver on the steering wheel ensuring that they will never miss a gear. This can significantly reduce/eliminate the time in which the driver has to stay off of the power in between gear changes and dramatically improves the safety of both the driver and the Formula Vee race car itself.

The target customer is predominantly constructors, teams and drivers competing in Formula Vee. There are also wider applications in that the gearbox is to a VW standard design. This means that the product has commercial applications in the VW car performance parts after market.

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