Oliver Patterson – The Garden Rainwater Recycling System

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Picture of Oliver Patterson

Oliver Patterson

Image of Garden Rainwater Recycling System

Image of Garden Rainwater Recycling System

Image of Garden Rainwater Recycling System

With the price of domestic water set to rise every year and with the threat of hosepipe bans on the horizon, a solution to solve both these problems is in demand more than ever before and the answer is sustainability. Sustainable products are becoming more and more desirable to everyday life as their high level of efficiency saves money inside and outside of the household as well as resources that can be reserved for future technologies. For example, rare earth materials should be used for application like curing cancer rather than the Toyota Prius.

This Garden Rainwater Recycling System collects excess rainwater from the soil in the garden by channeling it into an underground 5,000-litre tank before pumping it back into the house through pipes and via high quality carbon filters. The filters are in place to ensure that impurities are removed so that the rainwater is then safe enough to be used for drinking and washing.

The design stage of this product has gone through many complicated calculations, Finite Element Analysis and Fluid Dynamics to guarantee that the selected components can create an efficient and reliable system. This in turn will collect as much water as possible and help each household save money by reducing the need to use water from supplier companies.

I would like to thank Bournemouth University for their stepping stone into the engineering industry. The many engineering theories and practices they have taught me will be put to very good use to develop my career with a wide variety of different projects as a design engineer.

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