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Image of Tent Guard

Image of Tent Guard

Tent Guard is a portable alarm system designed to address the issue of opportunistic intrusion and theft from tents, ideal for use in various camping scenarios such as travelling and family holidays.

Research has shown that, contrary to popular belief, intruders are more likely to gain access to a tent through the zip-up door rather than by slashing through the lining. Considering that the door is the most common feature across a wide variety of tent designs, the Tent Guard takes advantage of this to maximise compatibility.

Installation is simple – the device itself hooks over the zip of the tent door, with one magnetic tab attached to the door’s internal zip slider. Once the device is set, the alarm itself is triggered by simply unzipping the tent, which separates the tab from the device. With a sound pressure of over 80db, the Tent Guard aims to deter intruders as well as alerting nearby campers.

The Tent Guard has been designed with the camping environment in mind, with impact and weather resistance being key factors. As an added convenience to the user, the product features a timeout function activated by pushing a switch on the front of device, allowing the user to exit the tent without triggering the alarm. Alternatively, entering a reprogrammable button sequence on the back allows the user to timeout the alarm to re-enter the tent; the use of a unique code is designed to prevent potential intruders from over-riding the device.

Overall the Tent-Guard is an affordable, convenient way of providing added peace-of-mind to many camping experiences.

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