Oliver Robert Heskett Squires – The Accelerated Cooling Device

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Image of Oliver Robert Heskett Squires

Oliver Robert Heskett Squires 




Image of The Accelerated Cooling Device

The accelerated cooling device is designed to chill beverages to as low as 3ºC in four minutes. As beverages bought from retailers are often not pre-cooled, the consumer may wish or need to chill the product once purchased within a small time frame. In certain situations it may actually be more efficient to refrigerate products individually when needed if they are not regularly consumed.

The current products on the market require the addition of ice and do not work with all available bottle sizes. The fact that the chosen beverage is poured into the device as opposed to being cooled within its original container allows for fast cooling times without the addition of ice.

The cooler is a three-piece design consisting of a base, vessel and lid. The vessel is mobile and can be used like a jug so that drinks can be poured easily once cooled. The chosen beverage is poured into the cooling vessel, the required drinking temperature is selected and the device is left to cool at a rate faster than a domestic fridge or freezer is capable of.

Once the beverage is cooled, it will be kept at the required temperature for as long as the user wishes by the built-in thermostat. The well-sealed lid of the product prevents carbonated drinks from going flat; drinks such as cocktails can be prepared and kept cold all day. For these reasons this product has the potential to become the market leader.

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