Nick Hopwood – Automated Spray Booth

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Image of Automated Spray Booth

Image of Automated Spray Booth

Image of Automated Spray Booth

The aim of this project is to design an Automated Spray Booth, a new innovative product that offers a bespoke, accurate spraying method for applying aerospace paints to a product. The primary objective of this product is to improve and simplify the process for applying paint to the man-made interfaces manufactured at Matt Black Systems. This would make the cycle more time efficient than the traditional method and also lost by the time reducing any delays and painting errors.

Incorporated within the Spray Booth is a turntable which rotates at 90̊ so several spraying cycles can be completed to ensure the product has been completely covered in paint and is light tight. Air flow is controlled by a series of filters which remove dirt and excess paint. It also draws the air down, ensuring paint particles stick to the product being painted. The booth has interchangeable paint hoppers for quick and easy paint solution replacement.

There is close to no competition that the Automatic Spray Booth. This is due to the niche target market the Automatic Spray Booth attracts and unique selling proposition.

Bournemouth University has been a good experience for me. I have learnt the skills I need to take my engineering career forward.

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