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Image of Lockit

Image of Lockit

Image of Lockit

Lockit – Home Security Device

Approximately 33% of burglaries in the UK occur when a door or window is left unlocked. Many people forget if they have locked their door moments after they leave their house. This is a common everyday problem.

Lockit is an electronic reminder device which is triggered as the user leaves their home. If the user forgets to lock their door, the Lockit alarm will sound, reminding them to go back and lock up, giving them peace of mind that their home is then secure.

Lockit is a 3-part product:

Lockit Home Key – is a stylish key fob which fits any household cylinder key in its sliding mechanism, and also has an attachment loop for other keys to be added. It receives data from the Door Transmitter when in range and gives the user 20 seconds to lock the door. If the user forgets to lock their door within the 20 seconds, an alarm will sound, reminding them that the door is unlocked. The Home Key also has a reset button for occasions when locking the door is not an option.

Door Transmitter – is a small discrete device which is mounted on the external door frame covering the user’s exit/entrance path out of the property. This sends data to the Home Key when in range and triggers the 20-second alarm to start.

Lock Magnet – is a small self-adhesive magnet which is fitted around the lock mechanism on the door. When the user pushes their key into the lock, the magnet triggers a small reed switch inside the Home Key and resets the alarm until the user goes out of range and returns back in range of the transmitter

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