Matthew Holden – Tempest Foot Dryer

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Image of Tempest: Foot Dryer

Image of Tempest: Foot Dryer

The Tempest Foot Dryer is designed for high-end health clubs and eliminates problems associated with inadequate drying of the feet, a process that encourages athlete’s foot and other infections after contact with the flooring in the swimming pool, shower area or locker rooms.

Once the front sensor is triggered, a powerful airflow is forced through a narrow volute and directs a high velocity stream of air on to the user’s foot to remove excess water. Drying one foot at a time, the angle of the air duct allows for easy operation by blowing the air parallel to the average angle of ankle dorsiflexion. To prevent foot-to-foot infections between users, a built-in antibacterial spray allows the user to disinfect the standing area with a swipe across the top of the Tempest Foot Dryer.

The lightweight nature of the Tempest allows for easy transportation and installation: a 90:10 polymer to metal ratio makes the Tempest lighter than the standard drying appliance. Even though the fascia looks metallic, it is manufactured from electroless nickel-plated ABS, giving it increased impact and scratch-resistant properties. The Tempest is designed to blend into its environment seamlessly with its minimalist design and metallic appearance.

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