Mathew Herbert – VITAL – Active Diabetes Kit

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Image of VITAL – Active Diabetes Kit

Image of VITAL – Active Diabetes Kit

Image of VITAL – Active Diabetes Kit

It is imperative that diabetic day kit is protected and safe – it is life dependent equipment. VITAL holds an insulin pen, needle lancet, blood sugar level reader and blood test strips in perfect protection.


This makes the VITAL Active Diabetes Kit unique, with a removable thermo-insulating foam that can be ordered in a number of configurations to suit a variety of popular kits, and 4 smart colours.

This is the most versatile case on the market. With a modular design, the kit will always be protected. Designed with the user in mind, it can be used in a number of different ways, around your neck, attached to a bike, or just shoved into a bag.

Features include an easy-close twist mechanism which creates a perfect waterproof seal, a case design created around the user, and a hinge that can be easily tightened with a coin.

Light and springy foam will protect the kit from extreme temperature variations, important in keeping insulin effective. It also acts as an excellent shock absorber, along with the strong polycarbonate hard case.

Available in a range of brilliant colours, this case will solve a huge amount of the difficulties that come with carrying a diabetes kit.



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