Mary Nicoli – The Urban Composter

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Image of The Urban Composter

Image of The Urban Composter

Image of The Urban Composter

The Urban Composter is aimed at individuals who do not have enough space for typically large compost bins but still wish to help the environment by composting their food waste. At landfill sites the oxygen cannot reach the surface of the compost to react, this process slows the rate of decomposition and results in a high production of methane which is harmful to the environment.

To speed up the rate of decomposition The Urban Composter incorporates Phase Change Material to help maintain the temperature at night, and has a mechanism that helps supply oxygen to support the organisms responsible for aerobic decomposition. A faster rate of decomposition would also mean that the product will not become too full, saving extra food waste being sent to landfill as well as reducing the odours produced. The compost produced by The Urban Composter can give back valuable nutrients to the soil and used for plotted plants in or outside, window baskets, communal gardens or allotments.

The product will indicate when then the compost has finished decomposing by using LEDs powered by two AA batteries. The Urban Composter will utilise temperature sensors that monitor the rise and fall of the compost to determine the stage of decomposition that the waste is in.
The Urban Composter has two draws for easy lifting; these draws can be used for transporting the compost easily. There is an extendable handle on the top of the lid for easy access, the lid comes complete with a locking system and a handle for turning the aerator contained within the composter. The Urban Composter is designed to be attached to railings as well as being put on any other flat surface, it is capable of holding 27.1kg of food waste and is able to decompose this within 6 weeks.

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