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Image of Marcus Leonard

Marcus Leonard


Image of Asthma Alert

Image of Asthma Alert

Asthma affects about one in seven teenagers. By managing their condition they are able to keep it under control and stop it affecting study, sport and social activities.
Asthma Alert has been developed to work with the preventer inhaler as a visual reminder of when they last took their medication.

Asthma Alert is a product that aims to address the problem of 11 to 18-year-olds either forgetting or generally neglecting their preventer inhaler, which is an important part of the control of their condition. Not using it can lead to chest infections and asthma attacks. The preventer inhaler is a steroid-based medicine, which should be used twice daily: once in the morning and once in the evening.

From extensive research and working with teenagers in this age group from the initial stages, the product has been catered to their specific needs. Speaking with some of the UK’s leading respiratory nurses for further views and knowledge about this area has also proved vital in the design process. Asthma Alert was developed to be a visual reminder of when the inhaler was last used.

The product in essence is a docking station for the inhaler. If the product has not been used in the last 12, 24 or 48 hours, a certain light colour sequence will display. The inhaler will then be removed from the dock, resetting the timer and the process can start over. There is a 20-second delay on the hub to prevent misuse. The product uses AA batteries and should be placed where it will be in direct contact with the user’s daily routine, e.g. the bedroom, bathroom or even the kitchen.

The issue of the stigma and negative stereotypes among this age group is especially important so using QR codes the user can keep up to date with news posts about asthma, and have access to videos and social forums as well as Twitter and Facebook pages which can be accessed away from the classroom in a more relaxed environment. There is also a customisable vinyl option to personalise Asthma Alert.

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