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Image of Sun Box

Sun Box is an ergonomically designed portable self-assembly solar food dehydrator, designed for the developing world. This design is an alternative way to provide a cheaper and better solution than the present methods of dehydrating food in central Asia.

The product is built mainly with recycled high molecular weight polyethylene, a very dense and durable plastic that is ideal for outdoor use. The product is well ventilated, which increases airflow and the rate of dehydration. With two food trays suspended in the middle, the product can fill over 10kg of food produce.

The design is intended to help rural households to increase food security with the ability to sun-dry fruits, vegetables and meat in a safer and more sustainable way. It gives the household a nutritious diet in winter and offers it bartering power, enabling them to sell or exchange their quality produce to increase household income. It also creates a better knowledge of sustainability in a region where it is ignored.

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