Liam Denham – Autopark 1.0

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Liam Denham 


Image of Autopark 1.0


Image of Autopark 1.0

Image of Autopark 1.0

The large increase in motor vehicles on the road has caused the issue of a lack of parking in major cities such as London, Manchester and Liverpool. The aim of this project is to design a structure capable of providing additional parking facilities for establishments such as hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Current parking structures on the market, such as conventional concrete multi-story car parks, are incredibly inefficient, with approximately 50% of the space they take up being for ramps, lifts, stairs and pedestrian walkways. However, the solution I have designed will incorporate an automated parking and vehicle retrieval system, which will mean there is no requirement for such features, making this method much more spatially efficient.

The solution will be aimed at the UK market and will follow the appropriate BS standards. However, if proven to be successful in the UK market, there is scope to expand into other cities worldwide.

The final product is the Autopark 1.0, which is capable of storing up to 30 vehicles. The vehicle parking and retrieval system uses a fully automated vehicle transport sledge and cable pulley elevator to manoeuvre the vehicles about the structure. The building design aims to be aesthetically pleasing and takes influence from other iconic buildings such as the Gherkin and the Okraglak Poznan.

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