Leandra Kastell – Circ-Q-L8

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Image of Circ-Q-L8

Image of Circ-Q-L8

Image of Circ-Q-L8

Airlines are increasingly removing footrests on long haul flights in order to make the aircraft lighter/ fuel efficient, comfort is therefore being reduced and is restricted by inadequate elevated space for an individual to place their feet.  Not only is comfort key on long haul flights but an individual keeping their feet in a specific static position for long periods of time can lead to an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis ( DVT).

DVT is a condition which is caused by a blood clot which forms in the deep veins of the legs. It has become increasingly common in air travel due to individuals being sat for long periods of time, unable to stretch/move their legs regularly.

Circ- Q- L8 is a portable aeroplane footrest which aids in reducing the risk of DVT by encouraging the user to alternate pushing down on foot pedals, the users calf muscles then tense aiding the blood to continue to be pumped efficiently around the body .

The footrest includes two foot pedals which are concealed under a rubber top. The resistance on the foot pedals can be changed by adding in different strength cartridges, this helps accommodate to the individuals leg strength. As the user alternates their movement the display screen which sits in the middle of the footrest indicates ‘number of pedals’ providing the user with a goal/aim as to how many times they should exercise their feet during the duration of the flight.

The area where the individual places their feet  is angled  due to the shape of the product , however if the user decides they would like to raise the footrest/angle , there is a foldable back leg which can unfolded to the specific  height/angle and tightened at the start of the flight .

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