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Image of Josie Edbrooke

Josie Edbrooke

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Sleep is important to everybody, especially growing children. When we sleep, we rest and gain energy for a new day. After a night without enough sleep, children can feel exhausted and irritable.

Therefore I designed the night sleeping aid ‘Lumino’. The product uses colour therapy to let children associate different colours with certain times of day, therefore helping them to gain a daily routine and a regular sleeping pattern. The timer can be altered to suit each child individually.

The main feature of my product is its interchanging colour system, depending on the time of the day or night. Certain colours create certain moods; for example colours such as blue, purple and green are seen as relaxing and can help you get to sleep, whereas bright colours such as yellow can make you feel energised.

Therefore it was very important to get the right colour to create a specific mood. I have chosen four different colours for ‘Lumino’ with white for wake up, yellow for get out of bed, green for story time/getting ready to go to bed and blue for going to sleep, all specifically chosen to suit the certain time and mood.

The ergonomically designed, portable light rests in a ‘turtle shell’; it is portable so it can be carried around if the child was to get up in the middle of the night. ‘Lumino’ is powered by batteries and stays on for 20 minutes before turning off automatically, it can be easy turned on again by pushing down the button on the top of the light which then starts the 20-minute cycle again.

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