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Image of H20 Eagleye

Image of H20 Eagleye

H20 Eagleye is an enhanced underwater viewer particularly aimed at Ssearch and rescue teams and various boat users. H20 Eagleye works by eliminating water surface glare and reducing internal reflection. This allows underwater searching to go as far as water clarity and light will display to the user.

The product can be used from boats, dry land or in various shallow waters. Being compact in size, it is also lightweight so users should not suffer from repetitive strain. H20Eagleye is the quick solution to see beneath the surface of water. Examples of uses could be risk assessment, general searching and to aid teams/diving volunteers in water. Incorporated within the robust design, H20Eagleye has a quick release shoulder strap system making it easy for the user to transport to various locations.

This is also easy to remove when the product is to come into contact with water. It also has an LED light source consisting of nine bright white LEDs, which can be turned on using the on/off switch located within handling distance. The compartment is kept watertight and with its designed form it can be used to break current flow in shallow water if necessary (useful for working upstream against water flow).

The set back window piece includes an anti-reflective coating so visuals seen in water appear clear for the operator to capture. To encourage use at all times, reflective high visual panels are located in a set of three on each side of the product. Not only do the panels have similar daytime and nighttime appearance but also 90% of its retro-reflectivity is retained whilst wet. For effective handling, cylindrical formed grips are placed on the underside of the integrated handles to allow easy movement whilst scanning.

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