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Johnson Kan




Image of Racing Hydration Delivery Unit

Motor racing is a very demanding and physical sport. Just like any other physical sport, the athlete sweats, and hydration levels can deplete quickly. In motor racing, drivers can lose up to three kilograms in weight in a single race through sweating alone. However, hydrating while racing at high speeds in full racing gear is not an easy task. This is where the Kancept Hydration System can help.

The Kancept Racing Hydration Delivery Unit is a dedicated system that can safely and efficiently deliver hydration fluids to a racing driver via their helmet. Designed for production built racing cars, the system is capable of delivering the fluid from a 1.5 litre tank through its 12 volt pump when activated via a button located on the driver’s steering wheel. A small tube piece is located within the helmet which sits closely for the fluids to enter the driver’s mouth. A two-second application of the pump will give the driver a 40 millimetre shot of fluid. In a real racing situation, the system would only be activated during the main straights, where the driver can use the system more easily than going round a corner.

Constructed from machined acetal and aluminium, the system is manufactured from materials that can withstand racing environments and powered via the cars energy source. When fully loaded with fluids, the system weighs no more than 2.5 kilos and is securely bolted to the base of the car. The system also has a detachable quick release fluids tank which can be replaced easily in order to replenish the fluids during a break, pit stop or a driver change.

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