James Mack – The Sea Scarab

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Image of Sea Scarab

Image of Sea Scarab

The use of large foundation piles for offshore construction is increasing, the installation methods currently used are time consuming and limited to shallow water and specialised vessels. IHC Sea Steel initiated this project with the intension of providing an improved alternative to the existing installation methods.

The Sea Scarab is a subsea pile guide frame designed to support large pile of up to 5.5m diameter piles during installation. The features of this frame include; a levelling system, pile free-fall arrestor, pile orientation and pivoting sleeve halves. These features enable a mooring pile to be driven into the seabed with a vertical accuracy of less than half a degree. By supporting the pile from the seabed rather than the vessel it is no longer necessary for the construction vessel to be precisely position or restrained, enabling a broader choice of construction vessel. The automated operating sequence offers a solution for deep water installation and an efficient alternative to the shallow water methods currently being used. The product is intended as rental equipment and is therefore adaptable to suit different projects.

The overall aim of this product is to overcome limitations currently present within offshore construction and to help reduce costs and improve the efficiency of offshore oil, gas and renewable projects.

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