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Image of IntiMATE

Image of IntiMATE

Often with old age comes physical disability, frequently including arthritis. Not limited to this age group, arthritis affects all areas of life including the ability to be intimate without pain. As the hip joints are the primary pivot point in sexual motion, hip arthritis is particularly detrimental to an intimate physical relationship.

An arthritic hip restricts movement and causes severe pain to the sufferer with any rotation of the joint. A male would encounter these difficulties when extending his hips in a thrusting motion, whereas any lack of support to a female in positioning would cause twisting and jolting.

There is currently nothing on the market that addresses these issues in a suitable manner.

The IntiMATE is a collection of two reading cushions, a pressure elevating hip support and a large neck alignment cushion, that combine to create sexual furniture, designed to address the issues presented to hip joint arthritics.

The product works in two ways.
The developed gliding system enables the male user to produce and maintain natural sexual motion with his upper body, allowing his hip joints to remain in a fixed, comfortable and painless position during intercourse. In addition, the platform is acutely designed for optimum support for the female ,with an interchangeable headrest for both missionary based positions, and more experimental positioning.

The flock and skinned foam coating are easy to clean, and the cover for the lower components features a waterproof inner cover and is completely machine washable.
Overall, the IntiMATE presents an elegant and viable solution that enables those that would otherwise be restricted, to enjoy an intimate and physically fulfilling relationship.

Student Email: Jake_goodison@yahoo.com

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