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Image of Armourdillo

Image of Armourdillo

Image of Armourdillo

The Armourdillo is a product for travellers who stay in hostels. Research has found that suitable security for valuable belongings cannot always be a certainty, or that the lockers are in a communal space and not very personal to you. Travellers are now travelling with more valuable items such as Tablet devices,small laptops, headphones, and cameras. These types of belongings are in need of secure storage within close proximity to the user for peace of mind that they won’t get stolen.

This product’s dual functionality allows the user to travel with the product on their rucksack, giving the belongings inside the rucksack an element of safety and protection from knocking that the camper rucksack normally undergoes. The Armourdillo takes the form of the rucksack and fits over the top using clips and straps to hold it in place. Secondly, the product is able to transform into a personal locker which is secured to the bed frame using two cam locks to lock the product on both sides. The product fits around the hostel bed giving the user peace of mind that they will have a personal safe place to secure their belongings.

The product encompasses a pin and groove mechanism that enables the product to change between its two forms. This allows the traveller to manipulate the product to store their belongings when at a hostel and, once all belongings are safely packed away, re-attach the Armourdillo to the rucksack. They can do this with ease throughout many of their travelling adventures.

The Armourdillo is the ideal product for travellers who travel with valuable belongings. They can remain safe in the knowledge that there will always be a place to secure their belongings whilst enjoying travelling.

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