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Image of Grace Omisakin

Grace Omisakin






Image of My Potty Friend

My Potty Friend is a toilet training aid especially designed for physically disabled children who are required to use a manual wheelchair. The aid is to help parents and their disabled child through the process of toilet training. The aid has also been designed so that the toilet seat can be removed and be used on an adult size toilet seat. So, as the child gets older, they will be able to train on a real toilet.

Most disabled children generally use a commode, but these are unattractive and look too medical. So I wanted to design a training aid which was friendlier to look at and more comfortable to use. My Potty Friend is designed to suit the different shape and sizes of children aged between 18 months to eight years. For the aid to be comfortable, it comes with a back/trunk support, removable handles and three footrests to be used as the child grows. The footrests have also been designed so that they can be attached to the end of the toilet seat, so as the child grows, their legs will always be supported.

I enjoyed designing this training aid because there were so many possibilities into the shape the aid could be. I tried to make it subtly look like a duck by adding orange feet and wings at the back. This can help the child familiarise their special potty with a friendly animal character. I also enjoyed creating the 3D CAD model of the potty and making it accurate, so anyone could understand the features. Overall, designing this potty has been exciting but tricky at times because of the things that need to be considered when designing for disabled children.

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