Faye Hawkins – Hands On – Workstation

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Image of Hands on – Workstation

“Hands on” is a product that has been designed to help solve the problem of space and lack of funding within pre-schools and nurseries. With classrooms getting smaller and class sizes still staying the same, both have become a big problem in recent years.

The workstation is multi-functional – transformation from a table to an easel safely is child’s play! It has also been designed to store flat, allowing more freedom within the classroom for other activities to take place. Changing functions is easy to perform using the handle on the side, which is primarily for use by the teacher; however it is also possible by the student depending on age and supervision.

The product was designed to save money and therefore lowering the cost of manufacture was a key aspect. This has been possible by designing as few separate components as possible saving on moulding tools’ costs.

All that is required to change from table to easel is to move the handle one full revolution. A gear mechanism is used inside the casing to ensure the table will move to the correct position. A tray on the side acts as a limiter to ensure that it will not collapse and cannot accidently be packed away flat unless by choice, (this tray also decreases the likelihood of finger traps) To change the function from an easel to flat (ready to be packed away) the side tray needs to be removed and further rotation of the handle to the correct position. The workstation accommodates various sizes of easel paper from rolls to large sheets. It has been designed to British Standards for educational furniture meaning that it’s comfortable for the ages of 3-6 years old and can be used with already existing British standard chairs.


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