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Image of Pureflow - Wearable Alcohol Hand Rub Dispenser

Image of Pureflow - Wearable Alcohol Hand Rub Dispenser

The importance of hands in the transmission of hospital infections has been well demonstrated and can be minimised with appropriate hand hygiene. Compliance with hand washing, however, is frequently suboptimal. This is due to a variety of reasons, including lack of appropriate accessible equipment.

Pureflow aims to tackle the problem of hand hygiene compliance in healthcare environments by providing a wearable dispenser that operates within the workflow of everyday healthcare procedures.

Pureflow is a wearable alcohol hand gel dispenser designed to clip onto pockets or waistbands. The device is to be used with disposable refill cartridges; minimising the risk of cross contamination. After thorough research of efficacy of alcohol hand gel, the product has been configured to supply a 2.5ml (±0.2ml) dose via a single pump action, meaning the refill cartridge will last a minimum of one busy shift.

Other key points of the design include a ‘living hinge’ feature which allows for the two halves of the device casing to be injection moulded as one piece, without the need for additional parts. This is a feature that has required particular attention when detailing the design but does, however, represent a cost saving as well as an aesthetic advantage.

Pureflow has been designed to suit its environment in terms of easy disassembly for thorough cleaning and disinfection. I have considered the device as a potential source of cross contamination and have therefore designed external parts of the device for manufacture in polypropylene with a silver ion additive which will provide an antimicrobial coating.

I have taken a user-centred approach to the project, from concept to detailing. Initially, I developed concepts around feedback from healthcare professionals. During the detailing phase of the design, I consulted various professionals in order to gain feedback on the design concept and to inform forthcoming design decisions.

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