Dominic Charles Michael Ryan – Antibacterial Gel Dispenser for Mass Transit

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Image of Dominic Ryan

Dominic Ryan






Image of Antibacterial Gel Dispenser for Mass Transit

A containing structure a containing unit for holding antibacterial gel. The containing units will be one-use structures capable of being recycled after use. A mechanical dispensing means connected to an inlet in the structure to allow a user to enter their hands. A sensing device will be present inside the inlet to detect when the user’s hands are present.

There is a need to stop the spread of surface-based bacteria on the London Underground. From passenger surveys it is clear that overcrowding and bad hygiene are the aspects of a journey that people dislike. The public is weary of touching surfaces that have come into contact with other passengers. Through medical journals it has been researched that surfaces that come into constant contact with different humans have the possibility of forming highly resistant strains of bacteria. Bacteria that has transferred to the hands needs only to come into contact with the face just once for the bacteria to start infecting the passenger. Bacteria incubates inside a human for three days before the signs of cold or flu are visible, so it’s often very hard to pin an outbreak to a source.

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