Declan Russell – Circumferential Constriction Leg Self-Massager

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Image of Circumferential Constriction Leg Self-Massager

Sport England survey shows that as of April 2012, 7.3million adults are participating in sport at a moderate intensity or greater at a frequency of 3×30 minutes per week and the numbers that participate once per week for 30 minutes is over double that at 15.3 million.

Care of the muscles is important for participants in sport. There are studies published showing that people who received as little as 10-minute massage treatments after strenuous exercise saw a 30% reduction in delayed-onset muscle soreness.

My final year product has been designed to make self-treatment massage of the leg more convenient and less strenuous in order to encourage this alternative option to expensive professional treatment, or awkward current self-treatment methods.

The Circumferential Constriction Leg Self-massager is a portable robust accessory for the keen sports player with the understanding of the importance of muscular self-treatment. The unique element of the product uses the elastic energy of the resistance tube.

This tube is used to induce an inward circumferential force onto the leg, allowing the user to get desired pressure with reduced effort, without the need for other energy sources such as electricity and costly, complex mechanical systems.

The force created from the tension of the resistance band hoop is transferred to pressure through the contact points of the main adjustment pod wheels, and the massage balls. It has been designed with the whole leg in consideration, and all genders resulting in a big challenge for effective adjustability. Adjustment is carried out by the tube being wound around a shaft inside the main hand-held “adjustment pod” by the user.

The requirement to cater for the wide range of leg circumferences for these market requirements have been tackled with manufacture, limiting component number, recyclability and durability in mind.

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