Declan Alexander Martin – Portable Walk-through Security System

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Image of Declan Martin

Declan Martin 






Image of Portable Walk-through Security System

Image of Portable Walk-through Security System

Image of Portable Walk-through Security System

As security issues are becoming more of a concern throughout the world, the need for innovative design and implementation of technology in this area is crucial. Walk-through metal detectors such as those seen in airports have gone a long way in increasing our level of safety, preventing many potentially dangerous items from being carried onto planes, into prisons, events and other locations.

These devices can act as a highly effective tool against crime and terrorism but in most cases rely on a mains power supply to run them, limiting the locations they can be used in.

The Portable Walk-through Security System is a device that has been specifically designed to act as a mobile standalone unit that can operate using battery or mains power and can be deployed in a wide range of environments, both indoors and out.

It not only utilises multi zone detection to give an accurate location of a metallic object on the body but also combines this with a built-in camera that takes advantage of features such as facial recognition and infra-red.

Additionally, the system also includes the ability to connect to a server over wireless to allow for further integration into an existing security network and allowing access to databases that can increase its effectiveness. All this technology is housed within a casing designed so that a single person can carry, deploy, operate and pack up the device with very little difficulty.

Although not a unique concept, the use of additional features and flexibility, along with its innovation in mechanical design, make this a product that can stand out in the market.

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