David Cannon – Movie Mate – modular videography/cinematography Kit

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Image of David Cannon

David Cannon

Image of Movie Mate - Modular Videography/Cinematography Kit

Amateur filmmaking is growing and has been for some time, with websites such as YouTube becoming ever more popular for people to upload their videos and short films. On YouTube alone, over four billion hours of videos and films are watched every month, and this figure is still growing!

Filmmakers use a variety of equipment to enhance and improve what they are shooting. However, these improvements comes at a cost and isn’t always available to everyone. This is mainly due to the cost and portability issues that come with buying and owning several pieces of film equipment.

MovieMate is a new concept, unlike anything currently on the market, bringing together both traditional film equipment and modular design. By doing this, all unnecessary components have been removed and each section of the product has been given several functions, allowing them to be used in a variety of ways.

This has allowed for a huge reduction in materials and weight, creating a lighter, better value and more practical product all round. The kit will retail for a fraction of the price that current equipment sells for without compromising any of the functionality.

This new design combines five pieces of traditional equipment into one portable kit – allowing everyone who is interested in filmmaking to get their hands on and enjoy the benefits of this new product, without emptying their bank accounts!


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