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Camping and caravanning has been a popular holiday form for many years. The UK has the largest touring caravan market in Europe with 500,000 on our roads and an additional 135,000 motorhomes. It is reported that there are 3,000 caravan parks in the UK.

The main issues of remote holidays in this modern age are accessing power and generating electricity. With fossil fuel reserves dwindling, the emphasis on renewable energy has become greater. The use of solar power in this market has been widely adopted; however efficiency has been a major drawback.

Panels produce the majority of their energy when the sun is directly perpendicular to the system, therefore for flat-based panels whenever the sun isn’t at its highest the system is not performing to its maximum capability.

My product increases the efficiency of PV Panels by 40%, increasing solar power’s suitability in the caravanning industry. The product will increase the ability to generate electricity even on cloudy or overcast days. This system will enable motorhomes to run completely independently of generators and improve overall sustainability.

The PV+ utilises a Global Positioning System (GPS) which will in turn identify the geographical location, time and date. Using this information the system utilises it’s pan and tilt function to position itself facing the direction of the sun.

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